“The Ministry of Grill” was born through the love of Meat, Wheat and Sweet!

Our passion for food and serving people with healthy, fresh and affordable food has earned us a name. Ingredients handpicked, meat and poultry with no use of antibiotics or hormones makes our food healthy and relishable.

The diverse Middle Eastern street food menu with an influence of the royal food of the sultanates of India makes our food a craving among FOODIES!


When Antonio and his brother Christopher first visited the United States from India in 2009, they quickly realized that something was missing. They had grown to love the Indo Mediterranean street foods of their hometown in Mumbai.

With a target to bring a taste of the Indo Moguls and Indo Mediterranean taste of food to the states, the young brothers raised enough startup capital from their own savings and family to start a business. In 2000, Antonio fortunately meets a dear friend Mr. Nupur Patel who eventually became the lead consultant for “TMOG”.


Chef’s secrets



Shawarma Wraps

Our cooks

Antonio. K

Proprietor at “The Ministry Of Grill” - Los Angeles , CA


Proprietor and Chef at “Blessing Caterers” - Bangalore, India


Christopher. K

Managing Partner at “The Ministry Of Grill”


Chef at “Blessing Caterers” - Bangalore, India

“Food has always created an atmosphere for bringing people together. My passion for food is not only about the food itself, but it comes from the 'magic' that happens when our family or friends get together to share a great meal. This has become so important to me that I am compelled to share this passion in many ways”…….. Antonio. K